7102.08 - Creative Learning

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Creative Learning
The goal of the module is threefold: (1) The students shall gain a clear understanding of what creative teaching is. (2) The students shall gain insight into the methodologies, conceptualities and issues, which characterise creative and aesthetic ways of learning. (3) The students shall gain a critical appreciation of the science of education and its questions as it relates to creative learning.
Among the topics covered in the module are: What is creative learning? What constitutes a creative way of learning? What are aesthetics? What is art? What is culture? How do we see art within a culture? What is creativity? What is a creative and artistic expression? The following concepts will also be explored: • Sound, tone, rhythm • Smell and taste • Light, colour and form • Dexterous work, skill and competence • Body and movement
Learning and teaching approaches
The module contains 12 lectures, lasting 45-60 minutes each. Following each lecture will be either (1) group discussions on the lecture or (2) small workshops, where students can explore their own creative skills.
Assessment method
On completion of the course, each student will write an essay. The essay must be between 5000 and 7200 characters (i.e., a maximum of 3 A4 pages). The students will receive the essay topics on Monday, 29 Sep 2008, at 13:00. The essay must be turned in no later than Friday, 10 Oct 2008, at 14:00. 3 copies of the essay need to be turned into the office of Føroya Læraraskúli. We will use both internal and external examiners for this module. The mark will be based on the 13-point scale. The grade will be included in the students’ diploma. The grade will be based on the following criteria: (1) Use of theoretical concepts, ideas and issues, which characterise creative ways of learning; (2) engagement with pedagogical issues and quandaries; (3) the structure and composition of the essay; (3) linguistic competence (use of language, syntax and spelling); and (4) appropriate use of academic sources and use of the APA system of notification. The marks will be available in week 43. If a student fails to receive a passing mark (receives a mark of 00, 03 or 5), he or she will need to write a new essay. A new deadline will be agreed upon in consultation with the examiners.