7105.08 - Child and Youth Culture

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Child and Youth Culture
The students shall… • attain insight into views about children and childhood in various historical epochs • be able to critically analyse and evaluate what the relationship is between depictions of childhood and larger societal systems • attain basic knowledge about child and youth cultures in contemporary society
Childhood in historical, sociological and pedagogical perspectives; children and childhood as concepts; children as a construct; children’s own culture; child and youth perspectives; youth lifestyles, media, leisure and play.
Learning and teaching approaches
The module contains 8 lectures. Students will work in groups after each lecture. The emphasis will be on written tasks based on the themes of the lectures.
Assessment method
On completion of the course, the students will write an essay. The students may choose between 3 or 4 topics, and they will receive these topics on 19 Sep 2008. The essay should be written by the students individually and should be between 3 and 4 pages. Internal examiners will be used for this essay. This is a pass, not passed module. The grade will be recorded in the student’s final diploma. The essay will be judged on the following criteria: (1) comprehensive knowledge of the module’s content, especially its theoretical aspects; (2) linguistic competence (use of language, syntax and spelling); and (3) use of the APA system of notification.