7532.10 - Workshops, Aesthetic Language and Dissemination

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Workshops, Aesthetic Language and Dissemination
Students will acquire knowledge of and competence in employing a variety of creative disciplines as social educators, such as music, singing, acting, oral literature (rhyme, rhymes, storytelling, recitation), textile arts and crafts, symbolic language, art and digital media. Students will focus both on the individual disciplines and on interdisciplinary cooperation, and, in doing so, will acquire insight into various aesthetic forms and expressions. In addition to this immersion into a variety of aesthetic disciplines, students will learn how - children use these media in informal learning processes - a social educator, working with children or mentally handicapped people, can conduct cultural and aesthetic projects in institution in a reflective, analytical, creative and innovative way
Having read relevant texts and conducted didactic and practical experiments, students will engage the subjects both theoretically and hands-on in a varied, reflective, experimental and innovative way. Among the subjects covered are: - Workshop pedagogy in historical and contemporary contexts - Creativity and innovation (What is creativity? How do new ideas blossom?) - Didactics - Integrating workshop pedagogy and aesthetic learning processes - Flow - Culture for children, culture with children and the child’s own culture - Children and digital media - Information about the mediation of culture, e.g. dialogue based mediation - Creative processes and children
Assessment method
Students will conduct a practical project and write a written report in groups of 2-3 students. Further information will be provided in class Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.