7005.10 - Child and Youth Culture

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Child and Youth Culture
The student will … • receive a thorough introduction on how views on and attitudes toward children and childhood have changed through history • be enabled to analyse and interpret the relationship between views on childhood and social structures • attain basic knowledge about child and youth cultures in contemporary society • gain theoretical insight into the major issues, which have characterised research in youth cultures and groups during the 20th century • attain scientific knowledge on youth with regard to health, living conditions, spare time, culture, education and future prospects
The topics covered are: • Childhood in historical, sociological and pedagogical perspectives • The concepts children and childhood • Children as a construction • Child culture • Children’s and youths’ views and convictions • The concept youth • Youth lifestyles • Media, culture and spare time • Youth and late modernity
Assessment method
On completion of the course, students will write a paper in groups of two or three. The paper to be written is described in a separate document. Internal examiners will be used. The grades are awarded on Passed/Not Passed basis.
Marking scale