6813.22 - Pedagogy and didactics I – theoretical part

Course number
Pedagogy and didactics I – theoretical part
The requirement for being able to take this course is, that the sudent is enrolled at the Department of Education
The purpose of this course is that the student acquires fundamental practical knowledge in and theoretical foundation within pedagogy. The students should furthermore learn to link this knowledge with the daily work in pre-schools, nurseries, recreational centres and youth houses.
On this course, the teaching will analyze the everydaylife in a pre-school, nursery, recreational school and youth house, based on a pedagogical perspective. • Day-care centre law and the Pedagogical Policy • The history of the pedagogical progress in the Faroes Islands • Institutionalization og professionality • Relations • Didactics • Inclusion • Play • Well-being • Gender • Sexuality • Grief • Bullying • Multiculturality • Parental co-operation and interdisciplinary co-operation
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, groupwork, individual assignments, presentations, debates Portfolio og evalution.
Learning outcomes
By the end of the course the student should be able to: • Explain critically what distinctives pedagogy as a research field, based on the legal framework of the field. • Interpret and analyze pedagogical texts and theories as a foundation for the pedagogical work. • Analyze how children are cultured, formed and socialized in regard to the day-care field. • Critically analyse and interpret the pedagogical history in the Faroe Islands. • Combine the pedagogical themes with a theoretical foundation, that puts well-being and development in centre.
Assessment method
Portfolio Re-examiination is a written exam.
Marking scale
The students will get the reading list when the course starts.
Sigrid Laila Vesturgarð