6513.22 - Nature & Children II

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Nature & Children II
Have participated in ‘Nature and children I’
The purpose with this course, is for the student to work further with the themes from ‘Nature and children I’, where they particularly concentrate on theory and pedagogical processes in relation to relations and activity processes. The students will also prepare, carry out and evaluate the pedagogical work which is related to the immediate environment for the child.
Diverse processes to nature and children as pedagogical themes within: • Relation and outdoor pedagogical work • Outdoor life, learning and development • Attention in children and the role of the educator • Didactical pedagogical work, to prepare, carry out and evaluate the work • Natural science as didactical work in practice • Inspirational work phenomenon in the immediate environment
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, group assignments, guidance, individual assignments, individual and group presentations in different forms. Step forward and have shorter presentations about selected important outdoor pedagogical themes. In addition, smaller exercises, and tasks. Which processes that will be used is dependent on the theme.
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, the student should be able to: • Explain and interpret what distinguishes theories about pedagogical and didactical outdoor relation work • Attach theory on practical learning processes to outdoor pedagogic • Show, how natural science can be used in pedagogical activities • Prepare, carry out and evaluate a didactical outdoor learning process in the immediate environment based on learning and development • Explain critically, what distinguishes nature and children regarding current laws within the field.
Assessment method
Project and oral exam
Marking scale
List of bibliography is handed out at the start of the module
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