7802.20 - B.Ed.-Project - Pedagogical Education

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B.Ed.-Project - Pedagogical Education
Before the B.Ed.-project begins the students must have passed all the acquired exams.
The B.Ed.-project is based on a research question. That is, the student chooses a research topic which is relevant to the pedagogical work. When the students answer the research question, they have to analyze and interconnect scientific theories and methods with their own research and/or documented practicum experiences.
The project will be structuret around a research question. The research question must be justified in pedagogical challenges, which are relevant within the pedagogical work.
Learning and teaching approaches
The student will get guidance while they write the B.Ed.-project: • One studetnt – 3 hours • Two students – 4 hours • Three students - 5 hours
Learning outcomes
Knowledge On copmpletion of the course, the students should be able to: • Explain why the research question is an important theme in the pedagogical work • Argue which theories and which methods they have used, when they researched the research question Compenteces On cpmpletion of the course, the students should be able to: • Gather empirical evidence that is relevant to the research question • Explain and analyze the empirical material based on theories and methods • Show with examples how a pedagogue can work with the research question in a pedagogical institution General competences On completion of the course, the students should be able to: • Write a coherent academic text about the research question • Use professional language and professional concepts when you interpret and analyze the research question • Assess and discuss the theories, methods and empirical evidence that are presented in the B.Ed.-project
Assessment method
The B.Ed.-project is a written product and an oral defense. The dissertation can be written individually or in groups. There can be a maximum of three students in each group. The oral defense, that must be based on the written dissertation, is individual. The students that write in groups are responsible for the entire dissertation. (The exam and other circumstances is specified in a special document)
Marking scale
In addition to the material used throughout the study, the student must acquire appropriate material.
Annika Antoniussen