7215.09 - Process Writing

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Process Writing
The goals of this course are three. Students are to gain (1) insight into process writing as a method and see the value of this creative writing approach in enhancing pupils’ writing competence; (2) an understanding of the pedagogical possibilities within this method; (3) a foundation in a method that can be employed in project writing.
The course is based on the Kom og skriva (“come and write”) books, and will enable the students to use the books in teaching at the primary level. The order of the themes covered is: • On process writing. The main tenets of process wirting will be explained • On quick writing. Students will try this writing method • Exercises for the five senses. The importance of the five senses in producing texts will be explored • Overview of the structure and purpose of the Kom og skriva books • Students will try and explore the various stages in process writing. The students will be able to be engaged in the whole writing process, i.e. preparation, writing and evealuation • The students will learn to evaluate their own and others’ work
Assessment method
The assessment is twofold. Those responsible for the course will (1) register whether students attend the classes, and (2) evaluate whether students engage actively in sensory and writing exercises in the course. Internal examination will be used and students receive a pass or not pass mark.