7303.10 - Prose

Course number
In this course, students will - read texts, representing every literary period from the turn of the century to contemporary literature - gain insight into literary history, and competence in reading, analysing and interpreting prose texts from various literary periods - acquire knowledge about trends and characteristics of Faroese prose - obtain competence in weighing didactic issues related to prose literature - gain competence in putting teaching material together, representing a variety of prose texts, for different levels in the Faroese school
This course is a journey through Faroese prose literature, from the first short stories at the turn of the century and the publication of the first novel in 1909 to contemporary literature. Students will read a variety of texts – representing various literary trends and periods – in their literary contexts. The texts read will provide students with an overview of the different literary strands in the history of Faroese literature, and with in-depth knowledge of particular texts and works, representing different trends and periods. The course focuses on analysis and interpretation. The course consists of lectures, student presentations, group assignments and written exercises.
Assessment method
Toward the end of the course, students, individually or in groups, write a paper. Further instructions will be provided in class. External examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.