7304.10 - Syntax

Course number
In this course, students will - gain a competent knowledge of the structure of Faroese syntax and the way in which words and components function together in sentences. - obtain the linguistic tools to analyse every component in a sentence
The course is on Faroese syntax: the characteristics of Faroese sentence structures, how sentences are organised, how sentence members are related to one another, how verbs govern sentence members and their shape, and how words are related to one another. The course commences with issues related to values and units. Next, the course turns to sentences, beginning with simple-clause sentences before discussing independent and dependent clauses. Then the sentence members, verb, subject, complement, object and adverbial phrases, will be thoroughly analysed. Students will primarily work with the analyses of sentence members found in Jeffrei Henriksens Orðalagslæra (Syntax)
Assessment method
5 hour written examination. Internal examiners will be used. Grades are awarded according to the current grading scale.