7305.11 - Oral Literature

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Oral Literature
In this course, students explore the literary genres within oral literature: legends, fairy tales, different types of rhymes, folk ballads, satirical ballads, proverbs and riddles. Students will familiarise themselves with sacred and secular customs and celebrations. They will learn about and acquire competence in storytelling, dance and dance games. Students will gain competence in considering didactic question in relation to oral texts, and in developing lesson plans at various primary school levels.
The course commences with an introduction on oral literature. Different genres of oral literature will be defined and distinguished from one another. A bibliography will be compiled, which aim is to help students to gain insight into available literature within the various genres and where it is published. In addition to considering the characteristics of each genre, their changing historical and societal roles will be discussed. The art of storytelling and reciting, as it relates to legends and fairy tales and to rhymes and different types of ballads, will also be discussed. Students will read and analyse texts closely, recite oral literature, dance and perform folk ballads. They will also discuss didactic issues on how oral literature can be taught. A part of the course is practical, working on these types of oral literature with 7-8 year old children.
Assessment method
The course ends with a weeklong project, which can be completed individually or in groups. Further instruction will be given in class. Internal examiners are used. Grades are awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis.