7307.11 - Children's and Youth Literature

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Children's and Youth Literature
In this course, students will be introduced to the genres of children’s and youth literature, including the emergence of this type of literature, and how it has been influenced by the fact that children and youth are increasingly shaped by kindergartens, schools and other institutions. Students will also attain competence in presenting, evaluating and reviewing a book. In this course, students will - gain theoretical and practical insight into children’s and youth literature - develop their competence in analysing, interpreting and discussing primary characteristics of children’s and youth literature - be inspired in how this kind of literature can be used at school and in daily life, e.g. to instil a love for reading and recitation, increase vocabulary, discuss sensitive issues, and disseminate and expand knowledge on all kinds of things
The course consists of two interrelated parts, one theoretical, the other practical. Students will read and analyse selected texts, considering in what ways dominant social trends are reflected in the texts and how texts differ, depending on the historical period in which they are written. Literature for children and youth initially aimed to instruct and teach. This aim, as well as the role of children’s and youth literature in contemporary society, will be considered and evaluated. Students will make presentations, in which they show they are able to integrate theory with the reading of particular texts. Their presentations are to be based on a fundamental competence in text analysis. Students will also be expected to draw parallels between texts and demonstrate their ability to analyse, discuss and evaluate the texts with which they work. The course will focus on original Faroese literature, although translated works will also be considered. By text, in this course, is meant everything from written and spoken texts to drawings and moving images.
Assessment method
Students will write a paper. Further instruction will be given in class Internal examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.