7930.11 - Practicum in the Faroese Major

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Practicum in the Faroese Major
The purpose of the practicum is for students to gain competence in teaching prose and poetry. Students are to teach and help pupils to analyse and interpret poems and literary prose. Students are to assess how successful they are in explaining interpretive tools, how well pupils are able to use these tools, and what level of difficulty at which it is appropriate to teach.
In preparation, students have written teaching material in two previous courses on poetry and literary prose. During the first week of the practicum period, students make a lesson plan for the practicum. The purpose of the teaching material and the lesson plans is for pupils to try different interpretive tools relevant to the literary genres covered.
Assessment method
During the practicum, the practicum guides confer with the students on their teaching material, lesson plans and teaching. On completion of the practicum, students, guides and the anchorperson for the Faroese major meet to discuss the practicum. On basis of this, the students make a presentation on their experience and discuss it with their fellow students. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale. Students will also receive an oral assessment from their practicum guides.