7251.10 - Energy

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In this course, students will • come to know and understand concepts within the study of energy and effect • become aware of and understand various types of energy and how energy is converted from one form to another • gain insight into how societies produce and distribute energy, and what environmental factors are at play in this production • attain didactic competence in teaching about energy and energy-related issues • receive, through an intensive one-week introduction, a broad introduction to and understanding of concepts and issues related to energy, enabling them to choose a subject when working on a particular energy related question
In the introduction students will work with three themes: 1. What are work, energy and effect? a. Power, work, potential and kinetic energy, effect, and entropy b. Various energy cycles and basic issues in physics and chemistry 2. Energy in technical and social perspectives a. Various energy sources, including fossil and renewable energy, and nuclear power b. Energy conversion, e.g. in machines c. Energy conservation d. Energy providers e. Social issues, including environmental ones f. Energy use in the local environment (homes, school, industry, businesses) 3. Energy in the biosphere and in nature a. Energy processes in organic beings, especially human beings b. Photosynthesis c. Energy and the cycles of nature (wheater, water, CO2, N, P, and so on) The workshop includes both a disciplinary and didactic focus. The students will write a research paper on an energy related issue. During the first week students will develop a research question and mark the limits of their research topic, both of which must be accepted by the instructors. Then instructors and students plan two formal supervision sessions. In addition, instructors and students may agree upon informal supervision on particular aspects of their project. In addition, two mini-courses and an afternoon lecture on a relevant topic within the natural sciences will be held.
Assessment method
Students will write a research paper. Further information on the paper will be provided in class. Internal examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis.