7334.13 - Literature in Context and in Language Teaching

Course number
Literature in Context and in Language Teaching
To give an overview of the different genres of English literature, and apply the major approaches of literary criticism in literary analysis within literature as a language learning tool.
• A history of English literature • The major approaches to literary criticism • Analysis of literary texts using the tenets and tools of literary analysis • Language through literature-design tasks for the four skills
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, projects, mock-teaching sessions and pair/group work
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, learners must be able to: • Identify the various literary genres in the context of the history of English literature. • Identify the different approaches to literary criticism and apply them in the context of literary analysis. • Use English literature as a medium to teach the English language.
Assessment method
Designing a classroom activity to demonstrate understanding of the literary analytical approach to two texts of varying genres and providing rubrics for assessment. This will be an individual presentation at the oral examination. Average of the written and oral work to be given as a single grade.
Marking scale
Kalpana Vijayavarathan-R