7512.10 - Fibres, Threads and Fabrics

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Fibres, Threads and Fabrics
In this course, students will - gain understanding in working with the basic materials in textiles, refined fabrics, threads or yarn, and produced fabrics - reflect on the didactic possibilities in this field - endeavour to design their own ideas, learning to manoeuvre the process from idea to product
The course shifts between lectures, individual assignments and group work. In cooperation with students, exemplary products and themes will be considered. Students will work hands-on with textiles and tools, will read relevant theoretical literature, and will reflect on the theme in writing and in different types of discussion. Students will gain a broad knowledge on - felting and paper production - knitting and different stitching techniques - weaving and plaiting technology - designing and sewing - didactic issues in the discipline A practicum is part of this course, for which students prepare to put what they have learned into practice.
Assessment method
Students will make an exhibition, which documents their work process before and during the practicum. Students, in groups, will write 12-15 pages long paper, which includes - a lesson plan - disciplinary, didactic and pedagogical theory - reflection on how the teaching practicum succeeded External examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.