7514.11 - Textile Arts and Crafts – Reflection and Professional Development

Course number
Textile Arts and Crafts – Reflection and Professional Development
This is an independent study, in which students develop their disciplinary and professional competence.
Students will make an in-depth study of one theme within the textile arts and crafts field. They, in consultation with their instructor, will develop a research question and outline their projects. Students will work independently, both in writing their paper, and in designing and producing textile arts and crafts products. Students will consider the didactic dimensions of their chosen theme, and they will write one or more lesson plans on it.
Assessment method
Students will - write a 15-20 page paper on their chosen theme, including discussion and reflection on the creative process and didactic dimensions - exhibit the pieces they have made in their chosen field - give an oral presentation of their project External examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.