7244.10 - E-Learning

Course number
In this course, students will learn to make the most of the possibilities, which computers, mass media technology and the Internet offer to both formal and informal educational and teaching contexts. In the course, we will focus especially on web2, communication and inter-subjectivity, SMART-board technology and home page production. Students will also learn to use spreadsheets when working with quantitative research methods.
Part of the course is based on CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning), which, in short, is a method of designing didactic preparation, teaching and learning, in which students, using a computer, cooperate and communicate over the Internet. The students will work with the theoretical basis of CSCL but will also learn to use the method, cooperating and communicating using (1) the communication platform First Class (FC), in which asynchronic communication occurs via class and team groups and/or via e-mail, and (2) Skype, in which mostly synchronised communication is conducted. In addition to First Class and Skype, students will work with a new development of the Internet, web2, and with the following software programmes: the spreadsheet programme Excel, the homepage programme SharePoint Designer 2007 and the new interactive white board, Smart Board.
Assessment method
Students, in groups of 4-5, will write a 6-page paper, based on the texts used in the course. Further directions will be given in class. Internal examiners will be used. Grades are awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis.