7511.10 - Elementary Education in Textile Arts and Crafts

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Elementary Education in Textile Arts and Crafts
In this course, which is on foundational competences in Textile arts and crafts, students will develop their - knowledge of and competence in Textile arts and crafts as a discipline and school subject - competence in planning varied lesson plans for pupils at the different levels in primary schools
The course shifts between lectures, individual assignments and group work. Students will work hands-on with different types of materials and tools, read relevant theoretical literature, and reflect on the course theme in writing and different types of discussion Students will acquire - foundational knowledge of fabrics and colour theory, and of how various tools are used - broad knowledge of the historic and contemporary importance of Textile arts and crafts, as well as its changing role throughout history - foundational didactic knowledge within the discipline
Assessment method
Students will - write a 48 hour exam paper - make an exhibition with pieces produced during the course - give a presentation for their fellow students in the course Internal examiners will be used. Grades are awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis.