7011.10 - Language and Reading Didactics

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Language and Reading Didactics
The course is about instruction in the mother tongue at the elementary level, emphasising language development, reading and writing. Students will gain knowledge of important theories on language development, reading, writing and reading difficulties. The course will focus on how teachers can integrate these concerns in their daily work.
1. The mother tongue and its basic functions and patterns 2. The mother tongue at school and in the home 3. Instruction in the mother tongue at the elementary level 4. Language awareness as a prerequisite for reading 5. Reading and writing styles 6. Various types of evaluation 7. Foundations for reading academic texts 8. Prerequisites for understanding what is read 9. Good reading and writing methods and habits 10. Reading difficulties
Assessment method
Students, in groups of 3, write an exam project. The paper should be 15 pages long. Internal examiners are used. Grades are awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis.