7108.08 - Mother Tongue

Course number
Mother Tongue
The students will gain a clear understanding of • children’s linguistic development • phonetics • morphology • functional grammar • linguistic diversity • the practical application of theoretical knowledge, including how to help children in their linguistic development. • the development of linguistic competence: How children learn to read, understand what they read, and how difficulties in reading and writing can be detected • the development of writing and spelling, as well as the relationship between reading and writing • the intepretation of texts, both theoretically and practically • Faroese children’s literature (both prose and poetry) and gain competence to analyse it from diverse viewpoints • the evaluation of students’ written assignments
• Children’s linguistic development • Ways of stimulating linguistic competence • Phonetics • Conjugation • Morphology • Language Usage • How to individually teach children to read through writing • How to understand what one reads • Reading difficulties • Didactics • Reading in contemporary society • Faroese children literature and poetry
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, discussions and group work, with a focus on project based learning
Assessment method
Logbook Group research paper The grade is based on the 13 point scale. It takes into a count both the student’s participation in the class, especially the research project, and the final research paper