7242.10 - Sustainability

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In this course students will • learn to distinguish between the broad, global, local and relative notion of sustainability as a notion, which is relevant for all people • understand the importance various natural processes and cycles have when sustainability is considered • become aware of and understand the importance of sustainability in environmental, social and personal circumstances and contexts, and in this way be able to make their own considerations and conclusions in these matters • obtain didactic competences in teaching about sustainability In the introduction to the course, students will gain a broad introduction to and understanding of the notion of sustainability, and thus enable them choose a subject when working on a particular energy related question. When writing their research paper, students will learn to work independently and cooperate, if they choose to work in groups. Supervision rather than class-room instruction will be emphasised.
Introduction • Different definitions and understandings of the notion of sustainability • The importance of balance in the cycles and processes of nature • Sustainability in the Faroese fishing industry • Sustainability in ESD schools and in the Faroese public school • Sustainable tourism The research project has both a disciplinary and a didactic focus, in which student will write a research paper on an aspect of sustainability. During the first week they will develop a research question and define the limits of their research. The research question and the delineation of limitations must be accepted by the instructors. Then students and instructors will schedule 3 formal supervision sessions. In addition, informal supervision about particular issues in the project might be agreed upon. While students work on their research papers, four mini-courses and three afternoon lectures on themes in the natural sciences will be held.
Assessment method
Students will write a research paper. A guide on the paper will be handed out in class. Internal examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded according to the recognised grading scale.