7249.10 - Weather and Climate

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Weather and Climate
In this course, students will acquire foundational knowledge and understanding of the factors and circumstances that influence, shape and have shaped our weather conditions and climate. Concerning the debate about global warming and climate change, students will attain scientific insight into how the climate has changed during the history of the earth and what factors are involved in large-scale and decisive climate change. Having acquired this insight, students will be enabled to make independent judgments on for example the public debate about climate change, which has been on-going for several years. In this course, students will also attain competence in developing lesson plans on weather and climate in a primary school context.
Touching on many subjects, this course will emphasise natural processes, cycles and balances. Among the themes discussed are • the role of the sun as the basic factor and energy source for weather and climate on earth • climate change in the history of earth • global weather systems • low and high pressure, including how they affect the weather Toward the end of the course, students will make proposals for lesson plans for the 6th grade. The lesson plan should deal with one of the following subjects: • The Faroese climate • Global weather systems • Global climate change The lesson plans shall be primarily based on visual material, i.e. animation, images, models and so on. The lesson plan is to be developed as a home page. A word document that describes the didactic and theoretical ideas behind the web page and the lesson plan shall be accessible from the web page. The home page is to be exemplary and therefore only related to selected and limited areas within the weather and climate theme.
Assessment method
In addition to completing the assignment, which is designing a home page on weather and the climate (see above), students must attend lectures and be active participants in the course in order to pass. Internal examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis.