7314.11 - Teaching History Well: Independent Study and Practicum

Course number
Teaching History Well: Independent Study and Practicum
In this course, students will integrate the themes and subjects covered in the first three courses in the history major when developing a one-year curriculum in history and current affairs for the 9th grade. The curriculum is to be grounded in a research based discussion of both subject-specific and didactic issues. The students will also word an exam question on source criticism appropriate for pupils in the 9th grade. Students will develop new evaluation procedures appropriate for the primary school, learn to gather and independently evaluate empirical knowledge on issues in the public school.
This is an independent study, which also includes a 5-week practicum. For the practicum, students develop a lesson plan on a topic of their own choice. The students choose their topic and relevant literature in consultation with the anchor-person in the history major.
Assessment method
On completion of the practicum, students write an 8-10 p. research paper, which will be defended in an oral exam. The paper shall also discuss the curriculum and exam questions the students have developed. The practicum guide may participate as an external examiner in the oral exam. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.