7408.13 - Mathematics Teaching and Geometry

Course number
Mathematics Teaching and Geometry
Provided that the student has passed: “numbers, mathematical processes and algebra.” Or if the student can document having passed similar course.
The aim of the course is to prepare students to teach from first to tenth class in geometry.
- Examination and assessment of what the curriculum states about geometry. - teaching materials on geometry. - The mathematics professional perspective includes both the mathematical topics, plan and room geometry and versatile mathematical work and ways of thinking with particular focus on reasoning and thinking skills. - Working and ways of thinking with an emphasis on creative and experimental approaches, working with problem solving and reasoning. -educational and didactic conditions that are relevant to the selected areas. -the students present teaching programs within geometry - constraints and opportunities in professional and didactic context - ICT is an integral part of the work on the module.
Learning and teaching approaches
Group work, class work, lectures, small study assignments, exercises, training, presentations, and discussions.
Learning outcomes
When the course is completed, the student will have learned skills in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of selected teaching materials and curriculum from first to tenth grade on geometry, to: - Reason mathematically, follow and evaluate a mathematical reasoning and develop and implement mathematical reasoning by visualization and evidence in selected topics. - Identify and analyze basic academic and professional teaching conditions in geometry. - Use this knowledge to improve and evaluate the motivational and inspirational teaching of mathematics, which gets students to engage in mathematical activities and creation. - Relate to existing curricula on geometry. - Qualify and evaluate teaching programs in selected aspects of geometry. - Be able to assess the capabilities and limitations of the scientific and didactic subjects chosen.
Assessment method
Evaluation is based on the presentation. Each student has his own presentation with the statement and critical assessment of the capabilities and limitations of their study.
Marking scale
Harald Winther Knudsen