7922.10 - Practicum: Media and Film

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Practicum: Media and Film
In the practicum, students will put what they have gained in two courses (7230.10 Communication, Mass Media and Film) into practice. The goal is to analyse films and media content with pupils. Students are also to evaluate their teaching: how well did they succeed in teaching pupils analytical tools? Were the pupils competent in using them? What level of difficulty was appropriate for the pupils?
Prior to the practicum, students write, develop and organise a lesson plan for the three weeks of the practicum. The goal of the lesson plan is that pupils will get a chance to use all basic analytic tools in film and media analysis.
Assessment method
During the practicum, the students will receive regular feedback from their practicum guides on the lesson plan, the timetable and the teaching. On completion of the practicum, students meet with their guides and the anchor person to discuss the practicum. Later, the students will present their practicum experience to their fellow students and discuss it with them. Grades will be awarded on a Passed/Not passed basis. Students will also have a consultation with their guide on completion of the practicum.