7642.18 - Project-based Learning (PBL), Theoretical Basis for Skills-based Teaching and Practicum

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Project-based Learning (PBL), Theoretical Basis for Skills-based Teaching and Practicum
3.a. Investigation into how teacher cognition helps teachers know themselves and impacts pre-service teachers in the teaching of English as a foreign language (TEFL). 3.b. To acquire knowledge of the teaching of the four skills of language & grammar in context. 3.c. To become familiar with the learning & teaching environment.
3.a. Teacher cognition and its significance to the development of the pre-service teacher. • Teacher cognition. • Teacher self efficacy. • Classroom management • Teaching /Assessment of the four skills & grammar in TEFL. 3.b. Teaching of listening, speaking, reading, writing & grammar. 3.c. Practicum – Observation, practice teaching & reflection
Learning and teaching approaches
PBL and pair/group work, Observation of teaching and case studies.
Learning outcomes
3.a.On completion of the course learners should be able to : Identify the scope of TC and its impact on pre-service teachers in these contexts: i. TC and the pre-service teacher; ii. TC and its impact on the self-efficacy of EL teachers; iii. TC and classroom management and its facilitation in TEFL. 3.b. Design tasks for the teaching of the four skills and grammar in context. 3.c. To observe in-service teaching using simple classroom observation techniques & teach sessions.
Assessment method
3.a. Making a video & posters. 3.b. An individual presentation of a classroom activity designed to use teaching approaches to two language skills in the context of a relevant assessment framework 3.c. Completion of observation & practice teaching.
Marking scale
Teaching Grammar in Second Language Classrooms - Nassaji and Fotos, 2011. Routledge. Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking - Nation and J. Newton, 2009. Routledge. Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing – Nation, 2009. Routledge. + Current research articles on teacher cognition and EFL, teacher cognition and teacher self efficacy & teacher cognition and classroom management.
Kalpana Vijayavarathan-R