6753.22 - Faroese – Elementary Level I - Spoken and Written Faroese

Course number
Faroese – Elementary Level I - Spoken and Written Faroese
A student of teacher education in the Faculty of Education, the University of the Faroe Islands
The purpose is to enable students to teach Faroese in Primary and Lower Secondary School
The content of the course is: • Spoken and written language • Word classes • Orthographic rules • Writing and writing pedagogy • Modern Faroese usage, variation and dialects • Language history and changes in Faroese • Linguistic purism • Language as a tool to communicate • The curriculum for Faroese in Primary and Lower Secondary School • Textbook-course
Learning and teaching approaches
Group work, class work, lectures, written assignments, practice teaching, talks and discussions
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, the student should be able to • describe the difference between spoken language and written language • use all common orthographic rules • distinguish between word classes • analyse sentences and the relations between the members of a sentence • spell the written tasks correctly • express oneself clearly and precisely in written assignments • correct, improve, and develop written student assignments • explain corrections and repairs • place the Faroese language into a language-historical context • describe and reflect on modern Faroese, language changes, Faroese dialects, language variation, purism and other linguistic trends • assess what the role of the teacher is in relation to modern Faroese, language changes, dialects, language variation, purism and other language ideologies • describe and evaluate methods of language teaching • use dictionaries and grammars as tools for learning and writing Faroese • find material, justify the choice of material, and evaluate it
Assessment method
Written exam for 5 hours Aids: dictionaries and grammars only In the assessment, the competence in spelling and how the student formulates himself is part of what is assessed, even though the main emphasis is on the academic content
Marking scale
The students get the reading list before the course starts
Rakul Skaale Andreassen