6852.22 - Teaching and Learning II - Language and Reading Development

Course number
Teaching and Learning II - Language and Reading Development
A student of teacher education in the Faculty of Education, the University of the Faroe Islands
The purpose of this course is to give the student knowledge about language acquisition and the development of reading skills - and an insight into the importance that language acquisition has for the reading development of pupils in primary school. Through the course, the student will also practise his own handwriting (on paper and blackboard) and gain knowledge of how pupils in primary school develop good handwriting
The course is in two main parts: Part I: - Language acquisition and language development - Language development as a prerequisite for reading skills - Reading, reading habits and reading competences - Supporting teaching material in Faroese as a teaching subject Part II: - The teacher's handwriting - The pupils' handwriting
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, teamwork, case work, discussion groups, tasks to be solved individually, various writing and drawing exercises, individual presentations, presentations in groups.
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, students must be able to: • describe basic factors in a child's language acquisition • explain the importance that language development has for the development of reading skills • explain basic concepts that are used when talking about reading skills and early learning in reading • describe and evaluate teaching material that is used in the primary classes in Faroese. In addition, the student must be able to • write clearly on paper • write clearly on the board • show with examples how the school's youngest pupils acquire legible and distinct handwriting
Assessment method
Active participation. The students must solve specific study tasks in the course. The study tasks/products are collected in a portfolio, which must be presented when the course ends
Marking scale
The students get the reading list before the course starts
Eyð Berghamar Steinbjørnsdóttir