6853.22 - Teaching and Learning III - The Teaching Profession – School and Society

Course number
Teaching and Learning III - The Teaching Profession – School and Society
A student of teacher education in the Faculty of Education, the University of the Faroe Islands
In this course, the students will gain an insight into the fundamental concepts that underpin the public school system. – Why do we have a public school? What are the educational aims and objectives for the role of the public school in society? And what characterizes the relationship between teacher/student, student/student and teacher/teacher in the school system?
These are the theme in the course: 1. The Faroese public school – in the past and today 2. Various pedagogical theories 3. The duties of the teacher in school and the various roles of the teacher 4. Classroom management 5. The pupil in school – the current pupil and various types of pupils 6. Children and play
Learning and teaching approaches
Short and long presentations, study groups, different kind of student presentations, writing tasks and varied study projects.
Learning outcomes
After completion of the course, the student should be able to: - explain the history of the Faroese school - consider the purpose of the school in the light of pedagogical theories - explain the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in school - explain and assess the the organization of the school - explain the concept of classroom management and establish the importance of classroom management in education - consider own teacher behavior and personality - describe the differences among pupils in a classroom and show examples for how the teacher can differentiate teaching - explain and critically consider the various types of teachers and teacher roles - to stand before the class and and teach other group members on various topics.
Assessment method
The assessment is a writing task. The writing task is on an individual basis, and the student has to answer questions, which relate to the learning outcomes for the course. A detailed description of the examination assignment is provided in a separate document.
Marking scale
Choice of texts and other materials will be provided before the commencement of the course
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