7801.23 - BEd. Thesis – Teacher Education

Course number
BEd. Thesis – Teacher Education
The student should have passed all other exams in the teacher training programme to be eligible to write and defend the BEd thesis.
The purpose of the BEd. thesis is for the students to gain an understanding of the practical, professional, pedagogical and didactical challenges in primary and upper secondary school. The students will deal with relevant questions from the professional field using various critical perspectives, where they integrate scientific theories and methods with their own experiences in the practicum.
The BEd. thesis is problem-based. The formulation of the problem is based on a teaching subject and/or on educational challenge in the primary and upper secondary school. The student formulates the problem in collaboration with the supervisor
Learning and teaching approaches
Instructions: • 3 hours for a student • 4 hours for two students • 5 hours for a group of three students
Learning outcomes
Knowledge: At the end of the course, the student should be able to • explain and work with basic scientific concepts and link them to school and teaching issues • argue for specific methods, which are suitable for research in primary and upper secondary schools • explain and consider essential practical, subject related, professional, pedagogical and didactic issues in primary and upper secondary school • explain and lead a discussion about the problem area and the problem formulation Competence At the end of the course, the student should be able to • collect empirical data that is relevant to the formulation of the problem and the theme that is in focus • use theory and method when the theme is analyzed and interpreted • analyze relevant research results with a critical lens and assess the importance of research knowledge for students' learning opportunities • assess how teaching plans and development plans can be related to practice General skills: At the end of the course, the student should be able to • write an academic text • present and lead a discussion about a complex subject area • assess which ethical precautions should be taken when doing research at school and in a teaching context
Assessment method
The BEd. thesis is a written product which is defended orally. The thesis can be written by an individual student, in pairs or in groups of a maximum of 3 students. The oral defense is based on the written product, and students are examined individually.
Marking scale
Students must find relevant materials in addition to the ones they engaged with in their studies.
Frida Birita Poulsen