2849.19 - Bachelor Thesis in Law

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Bachelor Thesis in Law
The Bachelor thesis (B.L. thesis) must be delivered no later than 15th of May at 23.59 o’clock. If the 15th of May falls on a Friday to Sunday, the deadline is postponed to the same time the following Monday. The B.L. thesis must be written individually. The topic must be approved by the program director prior to the end of the student's fifth semester of study. The B.L. thesis will be written in Faroese, accompanied by an abstract in English. The program director can dispensate from the Faroese language requirement. The students must write the thesis so as to be suited to be published in an academic legal journal, preferably The Faroese Law Review. The Faroese Law Review will consider pubishing the best theses as articles. Students who wish to write their thesis in another form, must ask the program director for permission to do so. At the same time that students get their topic approved by the program director, the student will be assigned to an appropriate thesis advisor. The length of the B.L. thesis is to be a minimum of 20 pages (48.000 characters, spaces and footnotes included) and maximum 25 pages (60.000 characters, spaces and footnotes included). To be elegible to deliver the B.L. thesis, students must have passed all courses up to and including the 5th semester. Further, it is a requirement to pass the thesis that students have attended and passed both ordinary written exams on 6th semester.
Final assignment (project) on the Bachelor of Laws programme.
A topic chosen by the student, and approved of by the program director. The topic lies preferably within the thematical frame of courses offered on the Bachelor programme, but the program director can, if considered reasonable, also approve other topics.
Learning and teaching approaches
Supervision. A maximum of 15 hours supervision is offered each student.
Learning outcomes
With the B.L. thesis the students will show that they are able to: - make a clear problem statement related to the chosen topic. - document the collection of legal sources and literature relevant to the problem statement. - to the extent the thesis is departing from the traditional legal-dogmatic method, argue their choices of methods and concepts. - document ability to structure their work and results in a coherent and systematic thesis. - put forward relevant and argued conclusions and perspectives. - communicate their knowledge and arguments in a systematic and coherent way in a clear and correct language that demonstrates awareness of the formative Faroese legal language.
Assessment method
The assessment wil be based on the written assignment. In grading the theses, attention will be paid, not only to the content, but to the writing (insofar as these are separable). Special attention will be paid to the matters (those that are relevant) covered in the Writing Laboratory and Forensics Colloquium on the 3rd semester.
Marking scale
Bárður Larsen