3523.16 - Fisheries Biology

Course number
Fisheries Biology
For joining this single course, Upper Secondary School with B-level in mathematics is required.
To give an overview of the main Faroese profession - fisheries. The course will involve ecology and population estimation of the common fish species around the Faroe Islands.
The courses consist of two main subjects: Fish ecology and assessment. Fish ecology: morphology, evolution and physiology, taxonomy, feeding, , spatial distribution, growth, reproduction, life-history strategies and fish communities. Assessment: General fish population estimation, including data collection, production models, parameter estimation and yield per recruit. The students will carry out a stock assessment on a given species. The results will be presented in a report, which is part of the evaluation.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures. Carry out a stock assessment on a given species. Search scientific papers on central subjects for fishery biology, to be presented later.
Learning outcomes
When the course is completed the student is expected to be able to: • Provide a general description of fish appearance using the appropriated terms. • Describe the fish organs: location, structure and function. • Describe the fishery impact on fish the environment. • Utilize and describe the general terms used in fishery biology. • Made a stock assessment. • Reflect on the economic importance fishery have on the society. • Evaluate if the fishery is sustainable.
Assessment method
Accept of presentation. 3 hours written examination without helping material. Delivery of stock assessment report, which will be weighted as 25 % of the examination. The 7-grade scale is used. Extern and intern examinators are used.
Marking scale
Marine Fisheries Ecology (2001): Simon Jennings, Michel J. Kaiser, John D. Reynolds. Fiskaskipanin- Lýst við dømum við fiskinum á Føroyabanka (2012): Eyðfinn Magnussen. Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur . pp. 41. Fishes - An Introduction to Ichthyology. (2003): Peter B. Moyle and Joseph J. Cech Jr. Integrated Principles of Zoology (2013): Hickman, C.P., Roberts, Keen,S.L., Larson, A., Eisenhour, D.J. (kap. 24. Ecology of Teleost Fishes (1990): Wootton, R.J.
Eyðfinn Magnussen