3527.16 - Marine Biology I

Course number
Marine Biology I
High School examination with B level in mathematics, physics and chemistry.
To give an introduction to life in the sea, lakes and rivers, and describe their ecology. Examples from the Faroes will be presented. The main emphasis will be on the marine environment.
The pelagic environment: Plankton, ecology, and the abiotic environment. Primary production and the environmental constraints. Adaptation to life in the sea. Microbial ecology: Sedimentation and circulation of biotic and abiotic matter. Seabed: Benthic ecology, benthic flora and fauna and their adaptation to the environment. Trophic relationships: Trophic layers and energy-flow. Climate change and other anthropogenic effects on aquatic ecosystems. Environments and life in rivers and lakes.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, problem solving, student presentations and exercises
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, the successful student should be able to describe: - Main taxonomic groups of phyto- and zooplankton - Basic concepts of influences of abiotic environmental factors on phytoplankton in aquatic environments - Main adaptations of phyto- and zooplankton to the environment - Benthic flora and fauna and their adaptations to environment - Living conditions on and in sediments - Basic concepts of benthic ecology - Trophic relationships and energy flow through trophic layers - Influences of climate change and anthropogenic sources on aquatic organisms and ecosystems
Assessment method
Four-hour written examination. No auxiliary materials allowed. NVD computer allowed for writing and calculations. Marks are also given for written exercises and the average of these marks will count 20% of the final course grade.
Marking scale
Biological Oceanography: An Introduction. Carol Lalli and Timothy Parsons (1997), 2 edition. 320 pages. A Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN-13: 978-0750633840. Basisbog i ferskvands økologi. Sand-Jensen,K., Iversen,T.M. & Lindegaard,C. (1995) 3. ed. G.E.C Gads Forlag. p. 62. ISBN: 87-12-02028-1. (Copy from NVD). Ecology of five Faroese lakes: Summary and synthesis. Jeppesen, E., Christoffersen, K., Malmquist, H., Faafeng, B., & Hansson, L-A. 2002. Ann. Soc. Scient. Færoensis. Suppl. 36:126-139. (Copy from NVD). Stofomsætning I havbunden.Tema-rapport frá DMU. http://bioold.science.ku.dk/mkuhl/ambio/materials/PBChristensen%20DMUrapport.pdf
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