2286.21 - Financial Accounting and Analysis

Course number
Financial Accounting and Analysis
Upper secondary diploma or equivalent qualifications.
For students to know and understand • How financial accounts are structured and presented. • The Accounts Act, terminology, regulations and models • The economic and financial accounting principles underpinning The Accounts Act. • Knowledge accounting, green accounting and business plans.
The subject area of Financial Accounting and Analysis is external accounting, where reporting and assessments of company finances are made based on annual accounts. Wide-ranging changes to accounting rules, both domestically and internationally, have increased the quality of annual accounts and lead to uniform annual accounts based on international regulations and standards
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching time will be spent on short lectures, exercises and case assignments. Student presentations will be made according to a schedule. Students are advised to take part in regular and organised group work as part of course preparations. Students are required to use their own ICT equipment for classes and preparation – including computers or tablets with suitable software.
Learning outcomes
Students who have successfully completed Financial Accounting and Analysis as part of the BA/BS programme can demonstrate ability to: • Explain and describe basic bookkeeping, year-end and how accounts are structured. • Analyse finances and carry out related economic analyses using key figures and guide figures. • Assess annual accounts globally; assess the conceptual framework, based on accurate and fair portrayal, target audience and fundamental accounting concepts; in addition to assessing important information contained in the annual accounts. • Describe and assess accounting challenges in relation to annual accounts and analysis. • Use annual accounts at the level of professional user to assess a company, including strategy, market and organisation.
Assessment method
The prerequisite to register for the examination is • at least one approved student presentation Oral examination with preparation time. The oral examination will last 25 minutes. There will be 30 minutes to prepare and all written material is allowed during the preparation. No communication or contact with the outside is permitted during preparation.
Marking scale
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