2293.18 - Corporate Finance

Course number
Corporate Finance
Requirements for admission are secondary school certificate with mathematics B level
The course aims to provide students with; • an introduction to the core theory of Corporate Finance • understanding of practical application of financial management with a direct focus on capital markets and investments.
This course aims to facilitate understanding of the main principles of modern financial economics and teaches the role and functioning of the Financial Economics on the Corporative level. Topics covered are the risk and risk assessment under uncertainty, CAPM, fixed income analysis, stock valuations and fundamentals of derivative calculations.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures and exercises The module lectures will cover specific economic concepts and definitions applicable to financial economic theories and its criticism. Exercise hours are to provide students with applied usage of financial concepts using project examples in Excel.
Learning outcomes
When the course is finished, the student will independently be able to understand and critically evaluate concepts of: • Capital Markets functioning • Portfolio Theory • The Theory of Efficient Markets • Fixed Income securities • Valuation of common Equities • Forward and Future Contracts • Options and other Derivatives
Assessment method
Oral examination with preparation time During the preparation time student will be allowed to have access to the textbook and lecture materials, but not internet and mobile phones.
Marking scale
Will be made available during lecture time. Lecture Handouts
Mrdalo Zvonimir Pero Duro