2300.23 - Undergraduate Dissertation in Economics and Business Administration

Course number
Undergraduate Dissertation in Economics and Business Administration
Before submitting the undergraduate dissertation, the student must have successfully completed all second-year courses. Exceptions to the provision may be made in special cases.
Dissertation to conclude the undergraduate study
Scientific treatment of a subject from economics and/or business administration under teacher supervision
Learning and teaching approaches
Supervision and seminars
Learning outcomes
From writing the dissertation the students will learn to • identify, formulate, and define (in writing) an economics and/or business administration issue at an appropriate theoretical level (the students must be able to make their own presentation of the problem definition, method, and empirical research) • identify and describe relevant economics and/or business administration literature for the analysis based on the definition of the approved problem • retrieve relevant information and data and perform organized analyses based on relevant theories and methods, including theories and methods acquired in working on the project • write a well-organized dissertation, combining empirical work and theoretical knowledge in economics and/or business administration, discuss and conclude based on the analyses and to suggest extensions for further analyses of the subject
Assessment method
The student first writes a synopsis. Then the dissertation itself - which subsequently constitutes the basis for the oral exam - is written. The grade will be based on a combined assessment of the dissertation and the oral exam. The student must participate in at least 3 out of 4 seminars to be eligible for examination. In special cases, exemptions from this rule may be given by the program director.
Marking scale
According to bibliography in dissertation
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