3135.17 - Introduction to Energy Engineering

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Introduction to Energy Engineering
Upper Secondary School with levels: Math A, Physics B and Chemistry C
To give students a broad introductory knowledge about energy practices and issues on the Faroe Islands, as well as strengthen essential competences, which are relevant for new students in energy engineering.
Excursions to, and visits from, Faroese companies, organizations and persons, which are active in areas relevant for energy engineering. Fundamental concepts such as forms of energy, conservation of energy, energy density, efficiency, power, heat transport trough conduction and radiation, emission of green house gasses and energy issues in simple electrical circuits. Essential scientific competences such as such as working with precision, units and measurement errors, writing a technical report, prepare a presentation and proper usage of references.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, excursions, presentations, problem solving, laboratory projects, individual gathering of information, written reports.
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, the student will be able to: - Have a fundamental understanding of energy issues - Know the main companies and institutions that work with energy issues on the Faroe Islands - Work in teams on small assignments, such as writing summaries, finding relevant material and having oral presentations - Recognize and use the typical structure of a technical report - Demonstrate understanding of precision and measurement errors. - Solve simple problems by using spreadsheets
Assessment method
Mandatory group summaries and presentations, as well as individual submissions that must be accepted to pass the course
Marking scale
A wide range of different sources see Moodle page
Bárður Arnsteinsson Niclasen