3181.23 - Control Engineering

Course number
Control Engineering
3103 Mathematics 1 and 3117 Introduction to Electrical Engineering or similar; or Marine engineer diploma, according to current admission rules
To provide the students with fundamental understanding of modelling and design in control engineering.
Fundamental concepts in control systems with feedback. Formulation of models of physical systems. Linearisation. Differential equations. Laplace transformation and transfer functions. Root locus and frequency analysis. Stability. Basic design methods. Application of standard controllers and compensators. Introduction to z-transform. The theory and methods reviewed are supported by many practical examples and calculation examples.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, group work, problem solving, laboratory exercises and project based teaching.
Learning outcomes
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to: - Apply heuristic methods for PID controllers. - Apply frequency analysis for controller design, including PID, lead, lag and feed forward controllers. - Derive models of dynamic systems and present them on common mathematical form, including block diagram form - Carry out necessary manipulations on the mathematical models including linearization of nonlinear differential equations - Select model parameters based om measurements - Apply block diagrams to describe models for both open and closed-loop systems. - Evaluate correspondence between models' characteristic parameters and their time and frequency responses - Carry out analysis on open loop and closed loop systems based on transfer functions - Understand the concepts of stability, stability margin, overshoot and steady state error. - Understand the consequencies of disturbance and noise sensitivity - Evaluate and select standard controllers - Apply analysis design and simulation software.
Assessment method
4 hour written exam with all aids available. The mandatory project report (passed/not passed) must be passed in order to be eligible for the exam and re-exam
Marking scale
Reguleringsteknik, 5. udgave, O. Jannerup, P. H. Sørensen, Polyteknisk Forlag, 2015, http://www.polyteknisk.dk/home/Detaljer/9788750211051
Benadikt Joensen