3182.24 - Internship for Engineers

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Internship for Engineers
The student should have passed most courses within the energy engineering except the bachelor thesis. The place of internship could be a company, institution, administration, service or production facility or similar. The place of internship should have other full time staff, which are capable of supporting the student in the tasks they will take on. The internship must have a professionally relevant content for an energy engineer.
Give the student work experience, develop professional skills within energy engineering and bridge the gap between theoretical and applied competences.
The student uses one semester (18 weeks full time, or 720 hours in total) at a company/institution working on tasks relevant for an energy engineer. During this time, the student works under the same conditions as regular employees. The student cooperates with coworkers throughout the internship period, and should at completion, be able to solve specific tasks within the competence area of the company/institution.
Learning and teaching approaches
The student works on relevant applied topics within the competences at the company/institution. To the extent, it is necessary the student gets training in methods and software, but should also be able to find and apply knowledge independently. A general description of the company/institution and detailed description of work tasks will be documented in a report (the report can be confidential if so required by the company/institution).
Learning outcomes
After completion the successful student will: - have knowledge of social, technical and business contexts in engineering. - be able to describe the organization and working procedures as the location of the work placement. - be able to use own competences within engineering to solve applied problems. - be able to work independently and take responsibility for their own professional development. - be able to work as a part of a team. - be able to plan and execute engineering tasks under relevant circumstances and constraints. - have knowledge of solutions and methods within energy engineering - be able to document their own work in a clear and concise manner .
Assessment method
Review of internship report, which includes these sections - The company/institution: role of the company/institution in society, how it is organized and funded. - The internship: a chronological description of the time at the company/institution. - The tasks: a description of tasks/projects which were part of the internship. - Evaluation of the internship: what was achieved. professionally/personally from the internship period, and what could be improved. - Evaluation of preparedness: how was the student academically prepared to take on the tasks presented in the internship? Which parts of the education were helpful and which could be improved. - Interesting topics: description of topics and ideas that could be further investigated in the subsequent bachelor thesis .
Marking scale
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