3593.23 - BSc Treatise - Molecular Life Sciences

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BSc Treatise - Molecular Life Sciences
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An independent scientific investigation, comprising collection and working up of material and presentation as a written report with tables and figures.
Language and summary: The topic and content of the BSc-project is contingent on the subject chosen. The supervisor, external examiner and student agree upon the language, in which the report is to be written. A summary of the results shall be included at the beginning of the report. The summary must be written in Faroese and English, in such a way that it can be read by non-specialists. The summary shall not exceed half an A-4 page.
Learning and teaching approaches
Work on the treatise can begin the first day of each half-semester and the submission deadline is the last day of the given semester.
Learning outcomes
On completion and passing of the bachelor-project, the student is able to: 1. Use acquired scientific knowledge and experiences in a scientific setting. 2. Work on a research project under supervision. 3. Organize one´s own work and time in collaboration with supervisor. 4. Analyse a biological problem, and suggest how to divide it into smaller intermediate manageable objects that each can be solved by theoretical or practical approaches. In other words, the student shall be able to formulate a hypothesis and design the theoretical and/or practical (experimental) approaches to investigate the hypothesis. 5. Independently search for and interpret information relevant to the questions asked. 6. Evaluate and analyse information in a critical manner, and put this information into appropriate context. 7. Formulate comments, arguments and constructive criticism related to one´s own research work and others. 8. Write a scientific treatise using appropriate scientific language. 9. Use scientific references in an appropriate way. 10. Distinguish between facts, interpretations, beliefs and fiction. 11. Present scientific results (own or others) in an appropriate way. 12. Perform statistical analyses on data and draw conclusions based on the data and the statistical analysis.
Assessment method
Delivery of treatise and oral presentation of it. Evaluation according to the existing grade scale.
Marking scale
Papers and literature which are relevant for the respective thesis.
Jónrit Halling