8950.23 - Clinical Nursing for People with Somatic Conditions

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Clinical Nursing for People with Somatic Conditions
The purpose of this course is for students to acquire skills and competences in basic nursing, and develop their capacity to argue for and reflect on basic nursing interventions.
The duration of clinical teaching is 10 weeks. One week in the clinical skills lab and 9 weeks on hospital wards. Clinical skills lab: Teaching and learning includes: administering medication, reflection, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection techniques. Hospital wards: Basic nursing in relation to shortness of breath, immobility, pain, nausea, fever, hygiene, wounds, fluid balance, nutrition and excretion. Using the nursing process.
Learning and teaching approaches
Clinical teaching and learning is organised as collaborative study learning. Collaborative study: that students take part in and perform nursing interventions together with a nurse. Students have the opportunity to observe, describe and analyse nursing questions and provide nursing care to selected patients.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the module can demonstrate ability to: • provide basic nursing in relation to shortness of breath, immobility, pain, nausea, fever, wounds, fluid balance and excretion • analyse nutritional issues in relation to the patient’s condition • apply the nursing process to determine basic needs, draft a care plan and provide nursing care in accordance with that plan • demonstrate ability to document the nursing provided • argue professionally drawing on the most recent knowledge about the nursing provided • explain characteristics of professional communication • demonstrate the skills to communicate professionally with patients and next of kin • describe pedagogical considerations in relation to informing, guiding and teaching patients based on their ability to participate • demonstrate closeness in the relationship with the patient • apply the principles of hygiene and infection prevention • administer medication pursuant to medication guidelines • reflect on the nursing provided, both in writing and orally • identify own learning needs in relation to continued education
Assessment method
Attainment level assessment. At the end of the period, each student is assessed in relation to the learning outcomes for the clinical teaching period. This assessment is equivalent to an internal clinical examination.
Marking scale
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Maria Súsanna Hammer Olsen