8954.24 - Health promotion and preventive nursing in society

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Health promotion and preventive nursing in society
For students to acquire understanding of the significance of health promoting and preventive nursing for public health.
Contents of the theory component: · Nursing competences and skills in relation to public health · The concepts of illness and health · Health promotion and prevention, lifestyle, mode of life, social network and social inequality. · Health competence · Health pedagogy · Empowerment · Capacity to act · Resilience · Ethics in health promotion and prevention · Stress and health · Physical and psychological working environment · Environmental impacts on health · Health policy · National and international measures and plans · Communication · Basic concepts in epidemiology and statistics · Quantitative research methods and their characteristics · Discussing quantitative scientific articles · Evidence in health disciplines Contents of the clinical component: · Observing the health promotion and prevention role of nurses in society.
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching and learning is organised as alternating lectures, dialogue, group work and self-study.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the module can demonstrate ability to: · Explain concepts and theory in public health science · Describe the impact of social inequality on health · Explain significant risk factors that can cause disease · Explain factors that impact on lifestyle changes · Describe risk factors in relation to drug, alcohol and medication abuse · Explain significant tools in health pedagogy · Describe consideration in relation to communicating with non-professionals · Describe health policy based on health policy plans · Describe national and international measures in relation to health promotion and prevention · Discuss nurses’ competences and skills in relation to health promotion and prevention · Explain the impact of working environment on health · Describe environmental impacts on health · Describe the most common qualitative research methods in health research · Describe significant concepts in statistics and epidemiology · Describe the concept evidence in health disciplines · Analyse factors and measures that promote and preserve health and prevent disease
Assessment method
The examination is a written assignment.
Marking scale
Refer to the course plan
Sonja Nielsen