3990.08 - Bachelor project and thesis – ICT Engineering

Course number
Bachelor project and thesis – ICT Engineering
The Bachelor study is concluded by carrying out an original project on an optional subject in ICT engineering, and writing a comprehensible report about the work performed according to usual norms for scientific technical reports.
The project includes an outlining of the definition of the assignment in question, measurements with relevant instrumentation where applicable, collection of relevant material, analysis of problem, and possibly design and investigation of systems or programs. A comprehensive report is to be written, including, where relevant, text, figures, tables, abstract, and list of contents, index, and list of symbols. The report shall include a critical and comprehensive discussion and conclusion of the results, and comparison with previously obtained results, e.g. described in the professional and scientific literature. A short non-specialist, popular summary one half A4 page in size is to be written in Faroese and in English. The report will be written in a language agreed upon by the supervisor and the student, normally expected to be Faroese, another Nordic language or English.
Learning and teaching approaches
Supervision and discussion of project. Work should be completed within 16 weeks, and a deadline should be set for submission.
Assessment method
Evaluation of report. The existing grade scale will be used.
Hannes Gislason