5070.19 - Bachelor Project

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Bachelor Project
The student may start the B.Sc.-project in parallel with the last course if all other courses have been passed according to schedule. If this is not the case, all courses have to be passed before the B.Sc.-project may be started.
The Bachelor study is completed by carrying out an original project on a subject in ICT, Software Engineering, or Computer Science, and writing a comprehensible report about the work performed according to the usual norms for scientific-technical reports.
Topics will be selected by the students jointly with their advisors and the chosen topic is initially described in an approved project-proposal that may be written in Faroese or English (1-3 A4 pages including sources). The project includes an outlining of the definition of the assignment in question, measurements with relevant instrumentation where applicable, collection of relevant material, analysis of problem, and possibly design and investigation of systems or programs. A B.Sc.-report is to be written that minimally includes a front page and a NVDRit registration form, a non-specialist summary (abstract) one half A4 page in size each written in both Faroese and in English, list of contents, relevant text, figures, tables, own results and conclusions and the bibliography. Preferably, the report also includes a critical discussion of the obtained conclusions, and possible comparisons with previously obtained results cited in the bibliography. The report can be written in a language agreed upon by the supervisors and the student, normally expected to be Faroese, another Nordic language or English.
Learning and teaching approaches
Project-based self-study and group work. Supervision and discussion of project. The work should be completed within 16 weeks, and a deadline for submission should be set in a formal agreement between the student, project supervisors and the responsible supervisor, and forwarded to the course responsible for registration before the project begins.
Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, the student should be able to: - In an organized way follow the supervisors advise on selecting a subject for the project, meet the project milestones and deadlines and independently be able to conduct the work related to the B.Sc.-project. - Critically search, select and use reliable and current knowledge from textbooks, from the internet or from other sources, and clearly cite all the sources used. - Individually or in a group write a clear, organized and stylistically sound report, written in a professional language, which gives a good documentation of the project and also discusses the project in a broader context within e.g. current IT-developments, IT-innovation and/or IT-research. The report should document knowledge of and an overview of the used techniques and the used terms inside an area of software engineering. - Individually, present the project and defend it orally.
Assessment method
Evaluation of report, and an oral presentation including personal defense of the report. The oral presentation should take about 20 min. and the personal defense (questions from the examiner/s) should take 10-40 min. Max. 60 min. in total. The existing grade scale will be used.
Marking scale
The relevant papers, textbooks, web pages etc. cited in the bibliography.
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