3004.09 - Numerical Analysis with MATLAB/Octave

Course number
Numerical Analysis with MATLAB/Octave
To give the students an introduction to numerical methods for solving engineering and scientific problems using the MATLAB/Octave software.
Solution of nonlinear equations: Newton's, bisection and fixed point methods. Approximation of functions and data: interpolation, spline approximation, and least squares methods. Numerical differentiation and integration: trapezoidal and Gauss formulas, and Simpson’s rules. Simultaneous linear equations: LU factorization, iterative methods, Richardson and gradient methods. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Ordinary differential equations: Euler and Crank-Nicolson methods, prediction and correction, systems of differential equations. Numerical mthods for boundary-value problems. MATLAB/Octave: Interface environment. Notation, syntax, and operations. Computational procedures. Programming. Graphics and data analysis. Import and export.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures and exercises. Training with Matlab/Octave software.
Assessment method
Mandatory exercise reports. Four-hour written examination. Auxiliary exam material allowed. The existing grade scale will be used.
Petur F. Zachariassen