3005.09 - Statistics with R

Course number
Statistics with R
To give the students an introduction to applied statistics in engineering and science by use of the statistical computing language R.
Basic R. Installation of R. R-sessions, R-documentation and help. Arithmetic and logical operators, vectors, objects and programming in R. Program-packages and functions in R. Types of data. Objects that hold data. Data organization. Data import, export and connections to various data sources. Presenting data with plot-functions in R. Descriptive statistics. Probability and random variables. Discrete densities, the binomial and poisson distribution. Continuous densities, the normal distribution. Random samples and sampling densities. Point and interval estimation. Hypothesis testing. Power of tests, large and small samples. Simple linear regression and one-way ANOVA.
Learning and teaching approaches
Supervised self-study, problem solving and project work. Emphasizes is laid on statistical applications in science and engineering, and independent learning and problem solving with R. Small problems will be solved in addition to two projects which have to be delivered and approved by the supervisors. The projects will be related to demonstrating knowledge in R and its use in science and engineering.
Assessment method
Oral examination in presentation of project-work and in knowledge about statistics with R. The existing grade scale will be used.