3925.08 - Basics of information technology (IT)

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Basics of information technology (IT)
The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to basic concepts of computer applications for information technology. The participants learn basic principles of standard programming and the use of standard programmes. Small projects will be carried out and documented by a report on the problem analysis, design, implementation and testing of the result.
Introduction: Provides an introduction to the topics of Information technology, how it is used and what opportunities and changes arise from advances in IT. WWW: Looks at how the Internet and World Wide Web developed and how they, together with personal productivity applications such as office tools, have an impact on individuals and enterprises. Architecture and Communication: Introduces the architecture of Computer systems and the means of communicating between and with such systems. Following this section, the student ought to have a general understanding of these topics and should be able to discuss and relate this information to other topics and exercises. Databases: Introduces the students to databases as tools for managing and handling repositories of information for individuals and enterprises. This section will also look at how databases function as parts of larger IT systems. Programming: Introduces the students to programming as a tool. The students will undertake several exercises which will cover the basic procedural and Object-Oriented programming syntax and concepts.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, problem solving, computer exercises, three assignments with approval of reports.
Assessment method
Oral examination. 3rd assigment included in evaluation. The existing grade scale will be used.
Magnus Danielsen