5013.10 - Introductory Programming in C++

Course number
Introductory Programming in C++
The objective of the course is to give an introduction to C++ and to learn to code simple programs with C++ based on procedural programming.
Programming fundamentals. Sequences, iterations, selection as a basis for the construction of algorithms. Datatypes and operators. You will use subprograms, functions and libraries in C/C++ for program-structuring and the re-usability of code. - datatypes and operators in C++ - sequences, iterations, selection - program structure - simple algorithms - functions - passing of parameters by value- and by reference - use of library functions - use of standard classes for e.g. strings and textfiles - overlaying of functions
Learning and teaching approaches
WebCT, remote education from Mid-Sweeden University.
Assessment method
Web-examination (4.5 ECTS), exercises (3 ECTS). Reference material permitted. The existing grade scale will be used.
Hannes Gislason