5021.10 - Statistical Methods for Software Engineers

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Statistical Methods for Software Engineers
To learn the students basic statistics, probability, statistical methods and computer based tools for statistical analysis of IT-systems.
Descriptive statistics. Probability and stochastic variables. Discrete distributions, the binomial and Poisson distributions. Continuous distributions, the normal distribution. Random sampling and sampling density. Point- and interval estimation. Statistical models and test of hypothesis. Least squared concept, correlation and regression, t-test, ANOVA and chi-squared. Power of tests, small and large samples. Design of experiments, data sampling and statistical analysis of hypotheses regarding evaluation of IT-systems.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, self-study and small problem solving. Two obligatory projects about basic statistics and statistical analysis of IT-systems.
Assessment method
Written and/or oral examination. Reference material permitted. The projects will consider a part of the evaluation. The existing grade scale will be used.
Petur F. Zachariassen